Welcome to Wanderlux
Hi there,  We're Wanderlux - we're not fans of labels but it would be fair to say we emit boho vibes with a little rock and roll edginess thrown in. Vintage cars, loud guitars and a love of being lost,...Read more
Sustainability in Fashion - why it’s important.
We’re all doing our best. Starbucks is trying to ditch the straws. Airports are banning plastic water bottles. It’s getting harder and harder to come home from the grocery store with plastic bags. There are updates on global warming and...Read more
Festival Trends
Kerouac opened a million coffee bars and sold a million pairs of Levi’s to both sexes. Woodstock rises from his pages,” William S. Burroughs once opined. If it is difficult to imagine the curmudgeonly Burroughs, patron saint of the beat...Read more